February 10, 2008


This Saturday was John's first Saturday working at the library. It was also his first program- a video game tournament. His big introduction to the teens. It was well attended and everyone seemed to have tons of fun.

Guthrie and I took him to work and spent the day searching. The commute is killing John and preventing Gus from seeing her dad as much as she could. Our number one priority is spending time with Guthrie and each other, so we're looking to move closer to Bettendorf.

That this new place will invariably be Guthrie's hometown is weighty.

So, we drove. And drove and drove. I followed maps and staked out parks in towns and Guthrie mostly slept and read books in her carseat. We took a break to head back to Bettendorf to have lunch with John and to buy apple juice at a truck stop. That was kind of it. Gus was a champ through the whole thing - - until the last 25 minutes of our drive home at the end of the day!

After our day we're closer to narrowing down our search, but I'm pretty sure we're not there yet. We'll keep ya posted.

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