January 3, 2008


Guthrie and I went to buy some random stuff today - bay leaves, whole nutmeg, and fresh eggs. I think they're pretty, so I took a picture.

We also bought some winter produce- sweet potatoes and the like. I put them in with our other winter roots and had to take a picture of that also.

Wait... does anybody see something that doesn't belong in the bushel basket.

... onions, check. Sweet potatoes, check. Squash, check. Tampon... check?

Gus thinks we should always be prepared for anything in the kitchen I guess.

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garbo said...

ha--too funny! I have to tell you that your yummy food shots inspired us to shoot a picture of our favorite favorite treat in DC--macaroons!


All this food talk is making me hungry!

Gus is so cute I can hardly take it!

Your caucus experience sounds pretty awesome. We tried to go the last time and got so hot, sweaty, and tired in the first, oh, five minutes, we took off. heh. Like why are people always amazed in Iowa that Iowans will turn out for these things?! So, um, let's try to fit 300 adults in a tiny elementary school basement--rock on!

Okay, I'm ranting about nothing on your sweet baby's blog. Time for sleep!



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