December 6, 2007

snow and tomatoes

Another snow storm! Well, I don't know if 3 inches counts as a storm. I think this early in the season it does because the weather people on Channel 9 get all in a tizzy.

Guthrie is just not sure what to think about the sky full of little white flakes. She is definitely not thrilled that the flakes are cold, but more than that she just seems kind of confused. I hope by the end of the season we can actually have some fun in the snow with her!

The highlight of her week though, aside from the weather, has been discovering my shelf of canned goods in the kitchen. Our "pantry" is an old Ikea bookcase and it has served its purpose well. One of the shelves is full of cans and her snacks. It's been this way for a few months now, ever since she's been on the exploration kick, but she's just now noticed it.

Her favorite, by far, are the cans of tomato paste (though a close second is the bullion cubes) They're small and very portable in her tiny hands. I believe there are cans of it currently in the living room, our bedroom, and one in the hall.

Maybe she is smarter than I am. Maybe she knows that at some point we will need to make spaghetti sauce RIGHT NOW. In the hall.

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