December 15, 2007

great idea

it's one of the coldest nights of the year...
what should we do??

oh, I know, let's drag our toddler outside to go pick out a Christmas tree!!

she was not nearly as excited as I was about the tree. I think the below zero wind chill had something to do with it, but whatever. We all survived. And we have a pretty, albeit crooked, tree to show for it.

Word to the wise- when it is this cold the trees close up to protect themselves, so basically your tree is just another Christmas present that will open on its own. And really, you have no idea what you're going to get. So, really you're just picking a tree out based on height and type. That being said, it took us FOREVER to pick out this one because we couldn't get it through our heads that we would not know until several hours later that we had a tree with a very crooked trunk. But we still love it very much.

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