December 1, 2007

belated thanksgiving

I'm making good use of our stuck insideness to catch up!
We had a great Thanksgiving. Lots of turkey, lots of relaxing. It was good.
Here's Guthrie's breakdown of the day:

Woke up to snow!! (this warrants it's own post, so more about that later!)
Ate some oatmeal and pumpkin
Played outside (see above)
Watched Mom do stuff in the kitchen
Greeted Gramma Carol
Played with Dad
Ate some new food:
  • turkey- not good
  • corn casserole- good in small quantities
  • mashed potatoes - ok
  • sweet potato casserole- not that great
  • rolls - ok
  • cranberry relish- fantastic!!
  • cranberry jello mold- so awesome!
  • pumpkin pie- also wonderful

Napped with Dad on the couch
Helped Mom and Gramma make some tree ornaments
Went to bed.

It was a good day.

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