December 17, 2007


We're dealing with the loads of bananas we have in our freezer tonight. And the ones I bought for 19 cents a pound because I can't pass up a good deal like that!

I have enough bananas to make six batches of Della's Whole Wheat Banana Bread.
Just in case you're wondering-- that's a lot of bread.

Guthrie helped mash the bananas.

Then she got to lick the masher.

This is really cool Mom! We've never done this before!

Holy crap- is that an entire bowl of mashed up banana??ROCK ON!

We had fun and tomorrow morning she will enjoy the fruits of her "labor" for breakfast!
Thanks Della for helping us make a new family tradition!

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garbo said...

She's so cute! We have two questions: How do we make this yummy bread? And where did Gus get her groovy Peace on Earth shirt?

Mad & Jen


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