November 26, 2007


It sucks leaving your baby home sick while you have to go to work. I knew this going into the whole motherhood thing-- my mom was pretty vocal about how much it sucked when I was younger and sick and she had to go to work. She always left me home with Sprite and Saltines, though (if I was that kind of sick) and called plenty of times. I left Guthrie home with John and Tylenol, which is better than Sprite and Saltines, but I'm still calling them as soon as I'm sure they're awake.

She's just got a fever, which in the toddler world isn't really that big of a deal at all. It's actually a good sign that her body is taking care of itself.

But, still, it's complete crap to have to leave her in bed after spending the wee hours making sure she didn't roll off the bed in her very feverish restless sleep. In the perfect world all three of us would be home cuddling on the couch and enjoying the plethora of bad made for TV Christmas movies that abound this time of year.

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