November 8, 2007

party time!

here are some photos of Guthrie's birthday celebrations. they lasted several days, but the ones where she's in a purple and white dress are at the big bash.

there was cupcake decorating and partying on friday, breakfast with the Dorsten girls and playing at the mall on Saturday before the big party, then the party, a short nap, and pizza with the family before we called it a night.

what a whirlwind weekend! out of town visitors included Grandpa Dave and Grandma Vera, Great Auntie Teresa, Auntie Jennifer and Pop Gillette.

at the party there was much present opening, eating of cupcakes (thanks Grandma Vera for helping!), and trying to keep up with Sander and Madeline- the other kids (who are substantially steadier on their feet) who came to the party. And of course exploring all the new toys and books!

sunday included a brunch with my side of the family and then the girls went to paint pottery while the boys watched football.

we are an exhausted, but happy mess.

thanks to everyone- especially those that travelled long distances to get here- for making Guthrie's day so fun. I know she loved being the center of attention and practicing her walking skills going from relative to relative!

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