November 8, 2007

Happy Halloween! (belatedly)

A year ago this day I was in the hospital. It was kind of a blur and my only Halloween related memories were hoping- ok praying- that my child wouldn't have a Halloween birthday, even though it hurt. a lot. And a photo sent over my phone of Zoe and Teagan dressed up, ready to trick or treat. I remember laughing about Zoe being a chicken. I have no idea what Teagan was- I think I got slammed with another contraction before my eyes could focus on the the girl next to the chicken. They were pretty fast and furious at that point.

This Halloween not so much.

We had a very fun day! Guthrie donned her costume as soon as she got up-- it's a trick or treat bag that I altered so that she's a pumpkin/trick or treat bag. Probably the easiest costume I'll ever make.

We went to Halloween story time at the North Liberty Library and went trick or treating at the library afterwards. Then I dropped Guthrie off at Gramma Carol's and they did fun things while I worked. Later my mom dropped Gus off while I was having coffee with our doula, Monica. I love that we've cultivated a friendship so that a year later we can be having coffee and reminiscing. I'm so glad she's in our lives.

Then we went trick or treating at Dad's office. Everyone thought she was too cute. We ended the evening at the mall. Not so exciting, but it was cold and we needed to do some last minute b-day shopping. Next year we'll be all about the neighborhood walking!

Happy Halloween!

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