July 13, 2007

crawling and more crawling

Teagan solidified Guthrie's knowledge of crawling-- she was already scooting and would hold herself up on all fours unable to go anywhere. Of course all that has changed!!

Guthrie's favorite things about crawling:

  • i can make it to the tissues/baby wipes/toilet paper in order to shred at will!

  • i can attack the fringe on the living room rug

  • i can try my hardest to get to the cats. they're fast like lightening though and i'm just fast like molasses.

  • i can play a lot more in bed when i'm supposed to be sleeping.

  • i can "climb" over anyone lying on the floor
and best of all
  • i can try to track down my parents when they leave the room for 2 minutes to go to the bathroom in peace and my seperation anxiety gets the best of me

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