July 13, 2007

compulsive behavior

a few months ago, when gus learned to roll over, we noticed that her new skill would be displayed for us at some of the most in opportune times. diaper changes, wrestling into the car seat, getting dressed, trying to go to sleep. good times.

it was all in preparation for her new uncontrollable skill set.

she's a compulsive sitter. that's right. she can't help but sit up. all the time. read that last sentence again-- all the time.

in her sleep she'll roll onto her stomach and sit up, smile at anyone in the room (the cats usually- or me peeking from the doorway) and, when her head gets too heavy, flop forward into, well, if you do yoga it's pretty much the child's pose. on her knees, bent at the waist with her forehead on the bed in front of her.

how is this comfortable?

what next? sleep walking, running, hopping on one foot? i shudder to think of all the new skills ahead of her :)

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