June 23, 2007

playing catch up

we didn't fall off the face of the earth i promise!!

last weekend Guthrie's Grandpa Dave and Grandma Vera came in to town to visit her and help me celebrate my birthday and John Father's Day.

We had a great time, playing, visiting, playing, eating, playing, shopping, and playing! Grandpa Dave and Grandma Vera couldn't believe how much little Gus has changed-- they haven't seen her since January. She's such a big girl now!

Guthrie was busy working on trying to crawl and perfecting her rolling. She can now somehow get to anything within a three foot radius. Somehow! Lots of going backwards still- which has to be somewhat frustrating. Particularly susceptible to being attacked by Guthrie are water bottles, anything made out of paper, people's toes, and the cats. Not so much toys, although she'll go after them occasionally.

Guthrie got good presents on mom's birthday- including a new dress specially made for her by Josie at Little Mojo. http://www.littlemojo.etsy.com/. She sells stuff at our Farmer's Market. We can't wait to get some pants! And her dad bought her some sunglasses. What a goof!

Then Tuesday, just before playgroup, she had her next major developmental milestone and fell off the bed. Big tears. No bumps. I think she did a belly flop. Who knows how though! We had just been discussing last week at playgroup how it's a rite of passage and we should all just expect it. Well, she had to show us she was all kinds of ready for that rite of passage!!

So, that's been our week. Guthrie is patiently waiting for Gramma Carol to come back from Washington. When we go to her house to take care of the cats Gus is fairly confused as to why Gramma isn't there too!

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