April 23, 2007

Grammie Patty, Uncle Aaron and Uncle Mike

Whew, what a whirlwind week we've had!

On Monday afternoon Guthrie's Grammie Patty (John's Mom) flew in from Kenya to visit family and to meet her granddaughter for the first time!

Aside from the first afternoon together Guthrie and her Grammie got along great and it was wonderful to watch them get to know each other. Grammie Patty took her for a walk in her Mei Tai, spent lots of time on playing with her on the floor, feeding her cereal and even getting Guthrie to fall asleep in her arms while rocking her- not a small feat!

Thursday John's older brothers came into town from Atlanta and Ohio. Aaron had seen Guthrie about a month ago on our trip to Ohio, but this was Mike's introduction to Gus. They both think she could win "most adorable baby" on Regis and Kelly. We don't really disagree!

We had a great time enjoying the nice weather (finally) and on Saturday we went up to Palisades-Keppler State Park for the afternoon. Check out our pictures! It was a day of a few firsts: Guthrie's first picnic and Guthrie's first sunburn. I feel awful!! Really, of all people to forget to put a sunhat on their baby. I learned my lesson and the next day we trekked to Old Navy and Grammie stocked Guthrie up for the season!

This morning was a tough goodbye as we put John's mom on the plane back to Kenya. We were grateful for the visit even though it was short.

Guthrie has slept more today than she has since she was a newborn! You guys wore her out! Thanks for coming to see our baby!

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